When it comes to electrical problems, waiting too long to fix something can easily turn a small problem into a big one. Additionally, trying to fix the issue yourself when you aren’t qualified could end in a major disaster – for you and for your home.

Did your pipes freeze this winter for the first time, and now you need to replace or repair the heat tape? Have you decided to renovate your home or business and need new light fixtures and outlets installed? Experiencing frequent electrical surges? These problems can indicate there’s something wrong with your electrical system, and if you ignore them or try to fix them yourself, you (and your bank account) will most likely regret it.

Avoid damage to your home and keep yourself safe by contacting a professional at the first sign of trouble. For these problems and much more, call in one of our master electricians! We have experienced staff who are licensed, bonded, insured, and equipped to handle all your electrical needs. Call an expert at Pacific 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

For electrical emergencies, call 1-888-906-4769

Electrical Services

Just like anything, your electrical system needs routine maintenance and repairs to keep it in the best shape. An electrical system lasts 30-40 years, then it needs to be replaced. We can perform many types of repairs and maintenance on your current system:

  • Heat tape installation and repair
  • Light installation
  • Outlet placement
  • Parking and exterior lighting
  • Commercial services
  • LED retrofit
  • Panel replacements
  • And many other electrical services!
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