It’s easy for us to overlook our heating and cooling systems.

Many of us give them little or no attention, other than adjusting the thermostat from time to time. What if something goes wrong? When the air conditioner stops pumping out cool air in the middle of a 90-degree summer day or your furnace stops working during a blizzard, you’ll start paying attention, but by then it’s too late. Your local HVAC contractor can inspect and tune up your system so it’s prepared to work hard for you all season long.

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Don’t get caught in the burning heat or the bitter cold. Make sure your system receives the maintenance it needs. Just like your car requires regular oil changes to continue running smoothly, your heating and cooling systems need regular tune-ups or they can get clogged and dirty, overheat, or break down when you need them most.

Heating and cooling systems are designed to last for many years, but they must be maintained properly and replaced eventually. No system will last forever, no matter how expensive or well designed it is. Whether you need routine maintenance, which should be performed at least once a year for your furnace and air conditioner, or it’s time to replace your HVAC system, we can help. If you don’t know what your system needs, we can offer advice and propose a strategic solution to maximize your comfort.

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Lennox HVAC Systems

Pacific Sheet Metal is proud to be a Dave Lennox Premier Dealer. Every Premier Dealer is trained to deliver superior comfort and service and evaluated regularly to ensure continued dedication to Lennox’s high standards. Lennox is one of the most respected brands in the heating and cooling industry. This means we have access to some of the best equipment available, including the Dave Lennox Signature® Collection. Innovative Lennox products include SunSource® solar technology, smart programmable thermostats, home zoning systems, air purification systems, generators that keep your electricity going when the power goes out, and more!

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If Lennox doesn’t carry a particular product or system to fit your needs, we also work with several other quality brands you can trust. Our goal is to install and maintain heating and cooling products that provide reliable comfort in your residential or commercial property all year long.

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Your Comprehensive Heating and Cooling Guide

Are you trying to decide if it’s time to replace your heating and cooling system? Download our complimentary, inclusive guide to find answers to many common questions consumers like you are asking about their HVAC systems. It covers topics ranging from annual maintenance to benefits of updating an old system.

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